Hi there, I'm Baran.

I help companies define, design and build their digital products.

Years of experience as a website designer, WordPress web developer, and front-end designer has made me who I am today. With a work history rooted in design and engineering, I'm passionate about converting complex problems into simple and elegant solutions through a strong design process.

But I’m not just a developer that delivers visually stunning user-focused web sites. Having a technical background I fully participate in the flawless implementation of these deliverables in order to build and launch products that will create memorable experiences.

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My Works

I have been fortunate enough to gain experience working alone and with teams on a wide variety of projects.

My relentless attention for simplicity and my love for problem solving has lead me to partner with ambitious visionaries, helping them get their ventures off the ground with website.

+4 years of experience

I use these applications in my work to help me understand the problems and solutions that are driving the world-changing digital transformation.

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I originally built this website to showcase my domains and my works. I wanted a very minimal experience where the user could solely focus on the content: photos and text. This whole website is designed and built towards that experience.

Below I have domains that return every 5 seconds. You can browse them or browse all domains for more detailed information.


A domain collection where you can publish your works or projects with beautiful website designs.

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Get in Touch

I'm currently open to build website. If you want, you can view my LinkedIn profile or view my resume.

If you have any questions, feedback, or just want to say hello, don not hesitate to send me an email.